Southern Connecticut Women's Golf Association

The Southern Connecticut Women’s Golf Association was co-founded by Carolyn Federici, Beryl Buck, Gladys Haywood, and Adele Domagala in 1964. It began with only four Member Clubs Longshore, Orange Hills, D. Fairchild Wheeler, and Riverview Country Club. Carolyn was president for its’ first three years. By 1967, the Member Clubs increased to eight. Unfortunately in 1974 Carolyn passed. Before she passed Shirley Meade one of SCWGA original members, promised Carolyn and her husband (Toni "Toots" Federici Golf Pro at Grassy Hills from 1965-1976) she would carry the banner, and not let SCWGA fade away. Shirley made it her mission to keep the association alive. Shirley served as President and the Representative for D. Fairchild Wheeler until she passed in 2017.

In 1981 during a meeting of the SCWGA Board, it was unanimously voted to honor Carolyn and name the Club Championship "The Carolyn Federici Club Championship", her name now appears on the yearly flyer and on the Club Championship Plaque. Since 1981, the Association grew in popularity and had Member Clubs joining from New York to Hamden. At one point there were as many as 14. Presently our Association has eight active Member Clubs.
1967-1986 Bruce /Greenwich Women renamed 2004–Present - Griffith E. Harris - Greenwich
1997-Present Oak Hills Park - Norwalk
1982-Present Sterling Farms & Hubbard Heights 2019 renamed Stamford Women’s Golf Association
1964-1991 rejoined 1997-Present - Longshore G.C.-Westport
1964-Present D. Fairchild Wheeler-Fairfield
1973-Present H. Smith Richardson-Fairfield
1990-1991 rejoined 2002-Present Tashua Knolls-Trumbull
1980-1984 rejoined 2014-Present - Ridgefield Golf Club-Ridgefield 

The Carolyn Federici Club Championship is hosted every year by a different Member Club.
This year, the Championship was held at Oak Hills Park, but hosted by Ridgefield Golf Club. Our Champion for 2020, shooting a superb 87, was Jeanette Chagaris of the Stamford Women’s Golf Association.

Although it has been a harsh year with the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to play 5 tournaments and followed all the CDC and the various Member Clubs guidelines. 
We are very thankful to God and to our ability to be able to play this wonderful game of Golf.

Co-Authored by Susan Sheehan Representative Laurel View
Barbara “Boo” Robinson Secretary/Treasurer